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March 10, 2011

Alumni Spotlight: Rebecca Knighton

The Wellspring School for the Healing Arts (WSHA) is always very excited to hear from our alumni, especially to learn they are enjoying success as practitioners in their respective communities. We are pleased to be able to offer two upcoming weekend workshops from one of our Amma Bodywork Therapy Program alum, Rebecca Knighton, and are looking forward to seeing her in Boise (April 15-17) and in Portland (May 7-8).

Rebecca Knighton graduated from WSHA in August of 1999. In 2004, she opened the school, Eight Branches in Colorado to teach Asian bodywork. There she taught two groups of Amma students until she closed the school to continue her education at Southwest Acupuncture College (SWAC).

The upcoming Inner Wisdom Workshops are reflections of the work Rebecca has done in evolving her own practice. These are excellent opportunities for current Amma students, alumni, massage therapists, Asian Bodyworkers, Acupuncturists, etc. that focus on making deeper connections at both personal and professional levels.

In Boise, Rebecca will also be staying a couple of extra days and offering treatments, so you can have a firsthand view into the benefit of her experience.

That’s enough from us! We asked Rebecca to tell us what she’s been up to. Below a preview of  the interview we recently had with Rebecca that will appear in our upcoming newsletter. If you are interested in receiving our newsletters, sign-up here.

Q: After graduating from The Wellspring School for Healing Arts what next steps did you take?

A: After I attended SWAC for 3 years I became disheartened because, unlike WSHA, the heart of the medicine was missing. The emotional and spiritual elements of Chinese Medicine that inspired me at WSHA just shifted in an unexpected way.  I started to develop a website called Diving for Pearls and recorded the guided meditation CD, Quiet, a guided meditation for a busy life.  Through this I’m offering information and resources for people who want to connect with themselves at a deeper level.

Q: How have you applied what you learned as part of the Amma Bodywork Therapy Program into your work since?

A: Over the years I’ve begun to explore more emotional and spiritual elements in my private Amma sessions with people.  These begin with client conversations, sensing energetic disruptions in their bodies and also by using a combination of my knowledge of Chinese Medicine and the client’s own sensibilities.  I began to uncover some of my clients’ deeper causes of pain/unhappiness/feelings of being stuck in their lives. Some of my clients refer to me as a body translator.

Q: What’s coming up for your practice?

A: I moved to Colorado and am very excited to return to WSHA in both Boise and Portland to share with other practitioners the techniques I’ve employed. I’ve added a lot to my new sessions taking them to an even deeper level.e

For more information and to register for either of the  Inner Wisdom Workshops, please visit our WSHA website.  To learn more about Rebecca’s ongoing work or to make an appointment for when she is in Boise, please visit her website:

Take advantage of our Early Bird Registration Discounts and receive 10% off: Boise Deadline: March 18th (It’s coming up!). Portland Deadline: April 15th.

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