What Do Late Summer Veggies & Sprouted Grain Tortillas Have in Common?

Lots!  Starting to wonder how you will ever eat all that squash? Tomatoes and peppers over-running your kitchen counters? Always on the lookout for new recipes or ideas for a simple meal?

How about fresh garden veggie burritos with homemade sprouted grain tortillas for dinner? Or scramble together some eggs, chilies and beans, wrap up in a sprouted grain tortilla and top with salsa for a yummy breakfast. Or serve warm tortillas topped with sweet potato, black bean and chevre spread with a salad for a late summer lunch. the possibilities are endless!

Sprouted grain tortillas are really pretty easy to make. Yes, you have to soak and sprout your grains in advance. However, once you’ve got that done you can make a batch of the dough, keep in your fridge for a few days, then take out when you are ready to cook up for your meal. Or go ahead and cook up a bunch of tortillas, keep in your fridge and just warm up to serve whenever you want to use them during the week.

One of our Wholistic Nutrition Program students, Jan B., put together this great presentation on sprouting grains for homemade tortillas as part of a class assignment. We love to see all of the different ways our students tackle their homework!  Check it out.

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