Survival Skills for the Modern Day Wholistic Warrior – It’s Not Just About the Food!

In the wake of so much recent tragedy and global uncertainty, one of The Wellspring School Directors, Rylen Feeney, shares her views on maintaining positivism, forward movement and authenticity for the individual as well as collective consciousness. She provides some real-time wholistic advice on staying healthy as well as a call to action for all of us to recognize our unique responsibility and power in facilitating healing on a global scale.


Part I of a 3-part series – Contributed by Rylen Feeney


The world is and always has been full of uncertainty and there are times when we become acutely aware of this truth. This is one of those times, in the wake of the tragedy of the earthquake, the subsequent tsunami off Japan and standing at the precipice of another war in the Middle East. It was profound to lose the countless souls to the hunger of that fateful wave. It is a greater tragedy to think of the losses that will be suffered by the many more annihilated in war or those who may die or fall ill due to nuclear fall out. We all suffer as a result of our continued arrogance.

How do we go on living our daily ‘little’ lives? How do we contribute? How do we react to such a set of circumstances? These are the questions I am sure many of us are pondering right now. Getting caught up in fear is not only counterproductive but also dangerous. Nations ruled by fear historically perform heinous acts. It is incumbent upon us all to come together and act not out of fear but with a level of intention and authenticity needed to heal ourselves as well as our planet.

Ironically it is in these troubled times that I am even more cognizant of our oneness and that we, the global we, are all in this together. We are often reminded of our powerlessness when faced with overwhelming forces of nature. When this is compounded by the fallibility of man-made systems, such as nuclear power, the challenges can seem insurmountable. The claim has been that nuclear power is safe and efficient –when it works. However, when something goes wrong, the potential devastation is incomprehensible. Instead of allowing fear to drive our actions and reactions, we have the power to transform this into something positive vis-à-vis the evolution of our collective consciousness. Transformation in general is often uncomfortable, but always the necessary ingredient for real change.

So what is the Wholistic Warrior to do?

1. Meditate daily. It is the best and surest way to evolve.

2. Stay calm, stay aware and focus on doing the right thing. As individuals we may be overwhelmed by the current state of affairs in the world and feel cynical or insignificant. However, we can harness our minds to be part of a larger collective. Alone we are small but united and together we are awesome. Taking the lead from a fellow practitioner, Mary, I have begun giving a mere 5 – 15 minutes a day at 1pm PST to breathe, focus light and strength to those everywhere who are suffering and literally hold space for those who can’t right now.

Collective consciousness can make a difference! Please consider joining me.

3. Get Strong. Eat well, feed your glands, bones, blood and qi with healthy nutrient-dense, clean food. Our physical strength and health is as important and worthy as any other cause. It gives us endurance, clearer minds and makes us less vulnerable to toxins.

Although we are not currently in danger of being exposed to the level of radiation poisoning that our Japanese brothers and sisters are – there will be some level of exposure here in the states. Friday, March 18th the first trace levels of iodine-131 and cesium-137 were measured and detected in Sacramento, California. (NYTimes 3/18/11).

I am grateful that the heroic efforts to prevent full-scale meltdowns of the six nuclear plants in Japan have been successful to date. Regardless, it is important to nourish yourself in ways that are helpful and will minimize the impact of any toxins you may be exposed to from this incident or from today’s life in general. More on that in the next post.

Blessings to all,


2 Comments to “Survival Skills for the Modern Day Wholistic Warrior – It’s Not Just About the Food!”

  1. Hi Rylan, I’m Tawni Peterson, Sheila’s daughter. That was a wonderful article you wrote. Thank you for passing on your wisdom.

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