Sampling A New Student Project!

Recently our Wholistic Nutrition Program students in Boise completed a two weekend-long series as part of Wholistic Nutrition 1 & 2. These classes form the foundations which root students in the philosophy of our cutting edge program, dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of wholistic nutrition and how to transition to a whole foods diet. As part of their class assignment, students were asked to select and dive deeper into a topic that interested them. We were amazed at the creative, fun and informative results delivered by our students. It just proves how much fun learning about healthy living can be. We will be sharing a number of these projects with you over the coming weeks as they are just too good to keep to ourselves.

This week we bring you More Beans & Greens, a fantastic website, created just for class by student, Tami Lamon, that talks about the various benefits of eating beans and greens. From preparations and nutritional tidbits the site if chock-full of some great recipes and helpful hints on how to best get a little more green into any lifestyle!


One Comment to “Sampling A New Student Project!”

  1. Great website. Thanks for sharing.

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