What’s Happening in Boise? The Next Wholistic Nutrition Program!

Wholistic Nutrition Program – Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine
The Wellspring School for Healing Arts – Boise
(Saturday & Sunday, Sept. 25th & 25th)

  • Are you on the fence about whether a career as a wholistic nutritionist is for you?
  • Do you want to learn more about embracing whole foods nutrition as a lifestyle for you and your family?
  • Does the idea of blending the tenets of Traditional Chinese Medicine and whole foods wisdom sound intriquing?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then head down to The Wellspring School in Boise this weekend, where the next Wholistic Nutrition Program begins with the first class, Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Register for the program or sign up for classes based on your individual areas of interest. Whether you are looking for a new career path, a means to enhance an existing practice or just a healthier way of living, this 280-hour program is for you. Meeting only once a month for 22 months, it fits well with any busy lifestyle. Call or come down to the school today for more info! 208-388-0206


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