Student Testimonial

I was on a break from work and had been thinking a lot about my “next step” in life when I saw a flyer for the Wholistic Nutrition program at the Wellspring School for Healing Arts. It started in two days. I went in that day and enrolled in the program. I knew that this was my future.

The certification I received as a result of the program has created an opportunity for me to share my passion for nutrition.  Through my business, Blissful Nutrition, I am helping people with menu planning, nutritional consulting, grocery shopping tours, pantry makeovers and cooking classes. All of my class offerings are beneficial, however, the cooking classes are the most meaningful, because I come to your home so you can cook comfortably in your own kitchen. I give you the tools and conviction to create and then re-create satisfying healthy dishes.

I have created a blog, to highlight some of the dishes that I make. I plan to incorporate more nutritional information along with the recipes over time.

I was fortunate enough to be raised by a mother who cared deeply about our family’s nutrition and wellbeing, so I had the opportunity and benefit of being exposed to this lifestyle early. I believe that nutrition is the foundation for our way of life and affects our health, wellbeing and lifestyle.

The Wellspring School Wholistic Nutrition Program gave me the confidence to turn my passion into a career!

Ava-Honey Whitlock

Blissfull Nutrition



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