Conversation with The Wellspring School Directors

Q&A with The Wellspring School Directors

Rylen Feeney and Rachael Myles, Directors of The Wellspring School, held a planning meeting this spring to map out “What’s Next?” for the school. Here’s an update on their vision, direction and some exciting new changes.

Q: Rylen, as the Founding Director, The Wellspring School has been a constant in your life now for the past 17 years. What is it that has kept you going?

A: (Rylen) – One of the most consistent things about life is that change constantly happens all around us. While some of us stay resistant to change, many of us embrace the challenge and work to find understanding of what is happening.  The Wellspring School has always been about empowering people through education to put aside the ego and accept their own role in living life to the highest degree. That is what keeps me going and it is exciting to be a part of. I am really looking forward to the next chapter for The Wellspring School.

Q: So what’s new today?

A: (Rachael) Well, let’s see. Rylen and I have forged a new partnership and I anticipate many great things to come from that. Portland has taken off more quickly than anticipated which is fantastic. Rylen started teaching Amma Therapy to a small group of dedicated students in October 2009. The Wellspring also offered the first Introduction to Wholistic Nutrition class in Portland in March. The three-day workshop was attended by 18 people. We have a group of Amma students wrapping up their second segment in Boise and the second group of Wholistic Nutrition students coasting into the last few classes of their program. For those of you who haven’t been by the Boise office lately, come in and check out the facility makeover.

Q: What can we expect to see from The Wellspring School in the near future?

A: (Rylen) More students! On September 25th and 26th, 2010, our third Wholistic Nutrition Program will begin in Boise.  On January 22nd and 23rd, 2011, Portland’s first Wholistic Nutrition Program is scheduled to start. We already have students signing up for these!  If you have been interested but waiting – this is the time.  Our program is one of the few in North America approved by the NANP (National Association for Nutritional Professionals – It is a great addition to any existing holistic healthcare practice or for those interested in cultivating a dedicated nutrition practice.  Don’t forget that classes can be taken individually as well.

A: (Rachael) One very exciting thing is our current project to re-design The Wellspring School logo and our marketing presence. We want to have a logo that symbolizes the direction of growth and new opportunities we have planned. We also want something fresh and contemporary while still reflective of the school’s philosophy that will resonate in both markets. Stay tuned! We plan to roll out our new look this fall.

Q: Any closing comments?

A: (Both) Change can be scary, or it can be a learning experience.  We are working to make sure that during this very exciting time of transition we stay focused on providing the highest level of education to our communities and our students, while embracing the new directions that beckon us.

With Warmth,

Rylen & Rachael


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